This project was a launch for a new travel magazine. The aim of the launch was to appeal to a non-conformist reader, with the ethos being 'unconventional travel'. The main theme of my design concept was the idea of ‘getting lost in travel’ as opposed to ‘finding yourself in travel’ as conventionally said. I felt the disorder of a collage mixed with vector illustrations and photography conveyed this concept well. If looked closely, you can see the concept of getting lost further pushed, with an ancient inaccurate map and the compass with directions incorrectly written.
Unconventional travel is about rethinking parts of the world not typically considered as holiday destinations. With this in mind, I chose photography that I thought felt authentic and modern, from West African photographers and outside           of stereotypical images of West African people.
I also made another issue; still keeping to the non-conformist readership, but this time focusing on fashion and alternative fashion capitals. 

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