This project was a branding project for a growth strategy consulting firm called Leap9. My task was to design a line of personalised stationery to make the CEO's life more efficient. The set of stationery had to support a busy lifestyle using the Lea​p9 branding. Targeted towards a luxury CEO/ CMO/COO audience.

To come up with a concept for this stationery, I looked to the company’s aims. Leap9 aims to “turbo charge” the talent, culture and leadership of their partners. I wanted to visually translate the ideas of “moving fast”, and “growth” into the design of the stationery. The tag line for the company is also “Take Flight”. With these ideas of flight and fast movement in mind, I brainstormed​ different flying references from birds to aeroplanes and eventually came to an image of a plane cockpit.

I felt that the plane cockpit was in line with the firs​t concept, but also that it is the control centre of an aeroplane, it is where the flight or growth is managed, analogous to the role of Leap9 in helping its partners grow. The dials and buttons in the photo provide some beautiful detail, this, along with the precise photo treatment in each individual piece of stationery gives​ the designs a more bespoke and premium feel.

To keep to the brief of targeting luxury owners, I chose a mostly black and white colour scheme, clean typography, and minimal design, with the photo treatment being the predominant visual element. To prevent the black and white design from becoming too dull I added some coloured accents picked from the colours of the Leap9 logo.
The company is modern, recently established and most of their partners have a digital presence. Because of this, I felt the sans serif typeface with the flight imagery fitted the personality of the company.

To respond to the final part of the brief, I also thought about what sort of products the chief officers would require. They will likely be busy people with many events in their professional calendar, they may have their own office, where branded stationery could be kept, they may attend meetings with refreshments, have personal assistants take notes, and give away gift bags and brochures to give away to clients and partners. The stationery has been designed with these scenarios in mind.

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