The brief detailed designing a line of personalised stationery targeted towards a luxury CEO/ CMO/COO audience to make life more efficient for growth strategy consultancy firm, Leap9. The set of stationery had to support a busy lifestyle using the Lea​p9 branding.
In the company’s aims, it says they aim to “turbo charge” the talent, culture and leadership of their partners. I wanted to visually translate the ideas of “moving fast”, and “growth” into the design. The tag line for the company is also “Take Flight”. With these ideas of flight, I brainstormed​ ideas around ‘flying’, eventually coming to an image of a plane cockpit.
The plane cockpit is the control centre of an aeroplane, it is where the flight or growth is managed, analogous to the role of Leap9 in helping its partners grow. The dials and buttons in the photo provide some beautiful detail, this, along with the precise photo treatment gives​ the designs a more bespoke and premium feel.
To keep to the brief of targeting luxury owners, I chose a mostly black and white colour scheme, clean typography, and minimal design, with the photo treatment being the predominant visual element. Coloured accents were added for increased vibrancy.

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