A flyer as the main print item to promote a Muslim arts and culture festival, called MACFEST. My concept for this flyer was the idea that the festival brings lots of elements together for one purpose. It brings together lots of people of all religious backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities. It also brings together lots of creative disciplines such as art, music, literature, photography. Its tagline is also “celebrating arts and connecting communities”, so I wanted the design of the festival to feel like a party of different elements.
 I combined typography with photography from previous MACFEST festivals, and played with the direction of the copy on the page, so it felt like different elements from different directions coming together in the middle. The festival starts in January of 2021, so I wanted the layout to feel happy and fun, like a true celebration, especially after what has been such a difficult year for people. 
The festival is now in its third year running, and is its biggest yet, so I felt including photography from previous years helped to make it feel established.
Some collateral bits to further showcase the visual concept, these were not physically produced.

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