The client recently started a cooking Youtube channel, cooking primarily fresh, home-made style, Pakistani food. In order to increase their online presence and extend their visuals across different social media platforms, I saw an opportunity in providing them with a brand that conveyed the appeal of the videos.
 The visuals can be used for various social media platforms, the illustrations can provide promotional content to post and can also be used as Youtube channel cover art to pull all online presence together into one cohesive style.
 The idea of the brand was based on values of passion, heritage and colour. I tried to weave these three values into the visuals of the brand. I made a simple typographic logo, that feels symmetrical in its placing but also traditional and elegant. The main visual concept was the angle of 'food from above'. In the various illustrations of food, I kept the perspective from above, which is the predominant camera angle in all the videos.  I thought it fitting to recreate this camera perspective in the illustrations. Lots of detail was added to each individual illustration, I designed an Indian style Rangoli pattern, custom made for the brand; the fine details convey the passion and craft that goes into cooking each dish. 
As the medium for all visuals is digital, vibrant RGB colours were used throughout and also go further to emphasise the richness of Pakistani cuisine. The brand was also extended out to create a character to be the face of the channel. The presenter of the videos is not shown, so it was important to create a character that could represent her. These character illustrations were kept detailed and colourful, in line with all other illustrations.

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